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Moi, un noir

Yönetmen Jean Rouch
Fildisi Sahili, Fransa, 1958
Belgesel, Biyografi


The film depicts an ordinary week in the lives of Nigerians who have migrated to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire for work. “Edward G. Robinson” narrates, commenting on his experiences and describing the bitter reality of life in a poor suburb populated by migrants, and his work as a day laborer in the ports.

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Moi, un noir Yönetmen Jean Rouch

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It is exhilarating to watch a film making itself along the way and gaining access to the dreamworlds of Ganda, Toure and Gambi, of their love stories, spy games, boxing hopes and lazy afternoons. The performances are loose and thrilling, with an afternoon on the beach as diverting as the big melodramatic blow-ups.
August 04, 2018
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Driven by the tenor and urgency of Ganda’s post-synced voiceover, and set within a quilt of postproduction sound effects and music, the movie stands as one of the most remarkable feats of cinematic invention and portraits of subjectivity in the ’50s.
November 03, 2017
Both the most daring of films and the humblest. It may look like a scarecrow, but its logic is foolproof, because it is the film of a free man in the same way as Chaplin’s A King in New York. Moi, un Noir is a free Frenchman freely taking a free look at a free world. It is, therefore, a film which is certainly not produced by Raoul Lévy. The director of the admirable Jaguar does not track down truth because it is scandalous but because it is amusing, tragic, graceful, eccentric, what you will.
March 11, 1959

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