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I Am Somebody

Yönetmen Madeline Anderson
ABD, 1969
Kisa, Belgesel
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In 1969, black female hospital workers in Charleston, South Carolina went on strike for union recognition and a wage increase, only to find themselves in a confrontation with the state government and the National Guard.


A perfect document of the intersections between race, class, and gender, I Am Somebody is Madeline’s Anderson’s exemplary film. Featuring Coretta Scott King amongst Black female hospital workers in their labor struggle, Anderson’s kinship with her subjects is felt in every frame.

I Am Somebody Yönetmen Madeline Anderson

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With ‘I Am Somebody’ (1970) Anderson knitted together her experience making public television and her political agenda, and tacitly upheld a radical aesthetic impulse that also undergirded the Black Arts Movement (BAM) at around the same time.
June 08, 2020
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A film that epitomized this revolutionary collapse is Madeline Anderson’s I Am Somebody, which documents the 1969 strike of black female hospital workers in Charleston, South Carolina. Self-determination is here a totalizing process which includes racial and gender equality as well as social justice, a struggle where politics is not based on identity, but it is identity itself to be politicized.
May 01, 2018
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