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It Was in May

Был месяц май

Yönetmen Marlen Khutsiev
Sovyetler Birligi, 1970
Drama, TV Sinemasi


A few days after the unconditional surrender of German troops, a group of Soviet soldiers is billeted at a farmyard which the war somehow never seems to have reached. This apparently peaceful picture is eerily undermined when the Red Army soldiers are confronted with the full extent of Nazi terror.

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It Was in May Yönetmen Marlen Khutsiev

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The lucid and solidary dialectic established between archival material and fiction reinforces the gravitas of each image, dismissing indifference and equanimity… One of the greatest films within the war genre, It Was the Month of May warns—in a surprising ending in which stock material is used, once more, to alarming effect—about the relation between war and the economic system, and states the greatest risk for historical memory: to transform hideousness into a museum piece.
October 04, 2016
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This film, believe it or not, was made for Soviet television, and it is an evocation and a challenge to history and to contemporary audiences equal to Night and Fog. It is hard to believe such an exploration of historical limbo could be made, a film where almost nothing happens except for the realization of the survivors that only part of what they experienced was over with the war.
August 13, 2015
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