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Puanlamalar & Yorumlar

  1. T.B. Mirante's rating of the film Ivansxtc

    Stopped after 40 minutes. Think it's good, but PLEASE SUBTITLES! I understand english, but speaking too fast in a straight american language. It0s a payment service, if you don't have any subtitles version, don't present this kind of films in latin countries. SUBTITLES PLEASE.

  2. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Ivansxtc

    Just recently read a Gogol compilation and noticed the uncanny similarities of 17th/18th century russian mentality with 21st century western world one. This exercise is a great one, and a plus kick in the nutter for those of us quitting smoking!

  3. Publius's rating of the film Ivansxtc

    I decided halfway through that I did not care what happened to anyone in this film. Sorry!

  4. Joshua Gaunt's rating of the film Ivansxtc

    Overlooked, brilliant performance by Huston and damn depressing! Along with The Idiots, Timecode, Julien Donkey Boy and Festen, this is one of digital cinema's early experimental treats.

  5. Graham Manson's rating of the film Ivansxtc