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As the Story is Told...

Katha Parayumbol... | കഥ പറയുമ്പോൾ

Yönetmen M. Mohanan
Hindistan, 2007
Komedi, Drama


A local barber, who struggles to make both ends meet, is the laughing stock of the village. When a superstar, who is rumoured to be a classmate of the barber, comes to the village for a film shooting, he is under immense pressure, from family and the villagers, to meet the star, but he is reluctant.

Bu film şu anda MUBI'de gösterimde değil ama gösterimde olan 30 harika film var. Lütfen şimdi gösterimde sayfamızı ziyaret et.
As the Story is Told... Yönetmen M. Mohanan

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