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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Kids Return

    Intéressant à plus d'un titre !

  2. misu's rating of the film Kids Return

  3. bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film Kids Return

    One of the most touching reflections on youth and the decisions that we make, without the fatality with normally some directors took. That open ending, “our life is just starting”, enleightes all the bad decisions that we saw during the film. But even more beautifully Kitano doesn’t adopte a moralist view like “we need to learn from our mistakes”, he prefer to assume, “we are still kids and we have a life to live”.

  4. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Kids Return

  5. Zachary T.'s rating of the film Kids Return

    Astute, austere saga of friendships; Kitano's contained episodic structure manages a complete exploration of bonds both cosmetic and devout.

  6. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Kids Return

    Bello. Bello è il modo che ha Kitano di raccontare egregiamente le storie semplici e quotidiane, senza usufruire di artifici cinematografici o avvenimenti strabilianti. L'amicizia fra Shinji e Masaru è autentica e fa da perno ad un film che è una riflessione sulla fine dell'adolescenza, quando le scelte che fai iniziano forse a pesare più di quanto non facessero già prima. Uno dei migliori film di Beat.

  7. speedball's rating of the film Kids Return

  8. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Kids Return

    An affectionate portrayal of adolescent misfits which in many ways shows Kitano at his most socially pessimistic: a Japan where young adults are doomed to struggle, regardless of whether they kick against the pricks or conform to expectations. Legitimate business and institutions are shown to be as corrupt and hypocritical as yakuza clans. The optimism of the film's final moments are therefore poignantly ambiguous.

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Kids Return

    Two friends end up choosing different paths through life, yet their mistakes keep them diverging back to their common ground. This is a fine, bittersweet, tale written and directed by Takeshi Kitano.

  10. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Kids Return

    A light parable on the misgivings of those you trust. Also there's a scene where a giant teacher-looking structure is passed down the side of the building with a huge metal phallus. But the story, though...

  11. Superfrog's rating of the film Kids Return

    I like Kitano, bit where is the emotion in this. Maybe Ames at another audience...

  12. SiIencio's rating of the film Kids Return

    Despite showcasing his habitual technical flair, Kitano delivers a very confused story, one that appeals to a particular nostalgic reminiscence of youth, more wishful thinking than fact though, ultimately a deeply vague commentary, often misguided, with its cocktail of wannabe gansters & pussy-like characters and obssesive focus on particular tangential segments whilst others float adrift like abandoned satellites.

  13. chazell's rating of the film Kids Return

    yen to pound conversions, silver fighting outfits, bicycles

  14. Mar ~'s rating of the film Kids Return

    Always something absurd happen that leaves me confused, I feel like the director was sometimes making fun of the inteligence of the characters.Gansters will always appear sometime, like creating it's own reality- I loved this movie, specially it's color and atmosphere. I dont have much to relate with but it did remind me of my old days.

  15. Nachtreich's rating of the film Kids Return

  16. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Kids Return

  17. Clayton Wong's rating of the film Kids Return

    Beautiful, heartwarming, and brilliant film about losing your way and finding it again in others.

  18. josé neves's rating of the film Kids Return

    Cinematography by Katsumi Yanagijima. "Desire" list. The recent viewing of Tsai Ming-liang's "No No Sleep" made me recognize in the exquisite Masanobu Andô someone from a previous film, like a relationship remotely stored in memory for its emotional closeness. A search led me to this film and the memory cleared: the Adonis of the recent movie was this handsome misfit that so well integrated Kitano cinema.

  19. kamira's rating of the film Kids Return

    The first Kitano movie I ever watched and still among the favourites together with Kikujiro no Natsu. And the music is great!

  20. Bueong Kim's rating of the film Kids Return

    Kidssssssssssssssssssssssssssss return

  21. maxwellsilver's rating of the film Kids Return

    Great great film. Underrated..maybe.

  22. Giampaolo Corsaro's rating of the film Kids Return

  23. Nafisbelmont's rating of the film Kids Return

    coming of age X boxing X yakuza. kitano combined those and nailed kids return in ellegance on his return. melancholy but nevertheless agressive. it saddens me to know that this was overlooked in the west. long live kitano sir

  24. samba direito's rating of the film Kids Return

    one of the most beautiful works on color, the red and the blue constantly fighting over the geometrical frame - it's like Kitano creates two different universes (the vivid colors and the cold geometrical framing) in the same shot, a battle like Shinji and Masaru often fight

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