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Puanlamalar & Yorumlar

  1. Sina Monn's rating of the film Kolya

    I would appreciate this if it was 60 minutes :(

  2. CafeGradiva's rating of the film Kolya

    3,5 / Fine, sensible piece, with a so recognizable Czech humour and spirituality touch.

  3. starlolix's rating of the film Kolya

    fofinho. chorei um bocadinho

  4. Bernard Batubara's rating of the film Kolya

    Like the name of the revolution: gentle, and heart-warming.

  5. mpho3's rating of the film Kolya

    Kolya is, as Nitrate's Eddie Cockrell writes, "full of graceful, provocative imagery and metaphor." Jan Sverák [son of leading man Zdenek Sverák] draws a remarkable performance out of the young Andrej Chalimon as Kolya that is the heart and soul of the film." Chalimon was discovered in a Moscow kindergarten and chosen for being "the biggest troublemaker," which Sverák felt meant the biggest personality. Kudos. 3.5

  6. Alex's rating of the film Kolya

    A beautiful film. One that proved itself worthy of its artistry through duration and sincereity. Subtle and delicate like a good quality spatlese.

  7. Feng Ling's rating of the film Kolya

    Note to self later: popping the cork and spinning around Klara shoes, experience during fever, other meinute charming details, falling on to the bed, hitting the bell before sleep, great depiction of childlike spirit, ours yours, Hollywood plot formula (lost on train and globally). Lack of strong political opinions being very natural. Farewell at airport shot ending with mirror. Etc

  8. naokoken's rating of the film Kolya

    A perfect movie from beginning to end. Loved the Dvořák music used. Near the beginning after they drive past some pretty women Louka says "I didn't look back. So for me, they'll be beautiful forever." And later when he gives some costume jewelry to a lover one of them says "It's still beautiful even if it's worthless." This move captures something beautiful in its brief time on screen.

  9. Dan Banks's rating of the film Kolya

    Most certainly a charming film. Despite being set against Czech/Soviet tensions in the 1980s, it doesn't focus on politics, instead telling a simple story about a 55 year old man and the 5 year old stepson he didn't know he needed. The film has a sweet heart and quiet humor. It's not the most original film I've ever seen, but, then, it wasn't trying to be. Good script and excellent performance from Zdenek Sverak.

  10. Danny Joseph's rating of the film Kolya

    Loved this one. That kid is so freaking adorable and I wanna be as cool as this guy but maybe more successful in my chosen career field. And they make a great team. The scene where he's calling his grandma in the bathtub is unforgettable. Cool.

  11. David R Williams's rating of the film Kolya

  12. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Kolya

    This is a critic-free movie if there ever was one. Too touching by yards, with a lovable scalawag and a precocious kid as main characters and a dash of political unrest to boot, it's hard to criticize it. It's not exactly deep and doesn't really have any revelatory moments but that's beside the point. I will be a bit heretical by saying I grew a bit tired of all the montages of the man and boy strolling in Prague.

  13. Ben Loory's rating of the film Kolya

    unoriginal but charming; lovingly made with an eye to detail

  14. Nick Potter's rating of the film Kolya

    I don't know about Best Foreign Film, but I also don't know the competition. I certainly liked it, the relationship between the two main characters is terrific, and it's all very pleasant. It just doesn't quite seem like a Best Foreign Film winner to me.

  15. Raymond Moreno's rating of the film Kolya

    Andrej Chalimon is magic as Kolya.

  16. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Kolya

  17. Pål Halvorsen's rating of the film Kolya

    I saw this on KICFF (Kristiansand International Children Film Festival) many years ago, and it has stuck with me since. A really good memory from the cinema.

  18. peteasplund's rating of the film Kolya

    I saw this at the Dream Theater in Monterey, CA on its theatrical run in '97. An incredible film, unforgettable.

  19. Genadijus L.'s rating of the film Kolya

    What a tender and lovely story by Czech filmmaker Jan Sverak. Outstanding performance by Zdenek Sverak, beautiful script combining personal stories with the events of the lifetime.

  20. Brenda Flo's rating of the film Kolya

  21. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Kolya

    Touching without being sentimental. I enjoyed watching as a relationship developed between the cellist and adorable Kolya. A joy.

  22. definedivine's rating of the film Kolya

    It touches you, sure, but rather than with Andrei's performance i was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, not that movie isn’t beautiful or touching, but it was just a cliché. Sverak took the already verified formula (quite boy, grumpy but nice old man, tragedy, love building, changing personality, learning one from another, escape, and expected ending) and put it into movie. Not bad, but far from good.