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Paris'te Bir Hafta Sonu

Le Week-end

Yönetmen Roger Michell
Birlesik Krallik, 2013
Komedi, Drama, Romantik
  • Ingilizce
  • Ingilizce


A long-married middle-class British couple attempts to reinvigorate their marriage by visiting Paris for the first time since their honeymoon. While there, they run into an old friend who acts as a catalyst for them to recapture their youthful fearlessness, lack of responsibility and idealism.


A British comedy can still be funny outside of its country! The perfect example is Le Week-End, which elegantly and delightfully swerves between the feelings of hate and love, between lightness and reflection, as it follows a long-term couple rediscovering their attraction in the French capital.

Paris'te Bir Hafta Sonu Yönetmen Roger Michell
Kureishi’s craft lies in not making these characters too lovable, or even tolerable. In real life, they’d bore you rigid; on screen they become, in all their disgruntlement, quite mesmerizing.
October 30, 2013
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Its ambitions are all in the fineness of the grain rather than the scope of the horizon – but it’s a warm and satisfying film.
October 11, 2013
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Wisely, director Roger Michell (Notting Hill) and writer Hanif Kureishi (Sammy and Rosie Get Laid) don’t force these two immensely talented performers into artificial plot devices. And so, the film turns into something darker, as the fissures between the obliging yet droll academic husband and the clinical, frustrated wife reveal themselves gradually, organically.
September 27, 2013
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