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Les Patterson Saves the World

Yönetmen George T. Miller
Avustralya, 1987


Fat middle aged 24/7 drunkard Les Patterson (Barry Humphries) represents Australia at the UN where his fart literally incinerates an Arab ambassador. Patterson is reassigned to the Middle East so he can be tortured to death by the country he insulted.

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Les Patterson Saves the World Yönetmen George T. Miller

Eleştirmen yorumları

In the clear light of day, I would probably admit that Les Patterson Saves the World is not a particularly great movie. But seeing it at the (ahem) World Premiere in Sydney amidst a highly cultured audience . . . I definitely warmed to it. For, as Les himself might say, his film certainly put it up this urbane audience, who walked out murmuring their outrage and disappointment.
April 01, 1987
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