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456 Puanlama

Little Buddha

Fransa, Birlesik Krallik, 1993


Part Buddhist history, a metaphor about the tragedy of Tibetans in exile, and a religious tour de force, Bernardo Bertolucci’s stunning follow-up to The Sheltering Sky sees two monks from Bhutan travel to Seattle to find a reincarnated Buddhist master.

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Little Buddha Yönetmen Bernardo Bertolucci

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What remains is the exotic spectacle, which in the case of Little Buddha is tied to a simple didactic aim. To teach children about such things is noble in theory . . . But given Bertolucci’s market value, which is based on the adult sexual, social, and psychological themes of his earlier work, how many children are likely to see Little Buddha—much less prefer it to Aladdin or Ace Ventura: Pet Detective? And what are these children likely to take away from the film about Buddhism?
June 03, 1994
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