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Looking for Fidel

Yönetmen Oliver Stone
Küba, Ispanya, 2004


Oliver Stone’s second documentary on, and interview of, Fidel Castro specifically addresses his country’s recent crackdown on Cuban dissidents; namely, the execution of three men who hijacked a ferry to the United States.

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Looking for Fidel Yönetmen Oliver Stone

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  • anarresti's rating of the film Looking for Fidel

    In this second installment, Oliver Stone almost seems, at times, to be debunking Fidel. He makes him, or tries to make him unconfortable, asks him more questions about the cracks in the system, like how the regime deals with the dissidents, and interviews some of those dissidents. Maybe it would work to have one single documentary. But the two are interesting enough, though, even if uneven, in tone and sharpeness.

  • Korial's rating of the film Looking for Fidel

    Oliver Stone delivers an excellent docu-film on the figure of Fidel Castro. His greatest merit is to faithfully represent the complex and ambiguous character of the revolutionary. Stone's approach indeed successfully manages to confine the ideological elements of his investigation in a marginal position, leaving breadth to the instances of Castro's critique of the American society.

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