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Yönetmen Joseph Losey
ABD, 1951
Gerilim, Drama, Suç


A child killer is loose in the streets of L.A., and the police seem unable to catch him. When they try to compensate for this failure by making constant raids on the criminal underworld, one of the bigwigs of the latter decides to catch the murderer himself.

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M Yönetmen Joseph Losey
Losey saw humanity for what it was: vile, afraid, painful, complicated. But he also saw that it was worth standing up for. M set the stage for a career spent probing the strangest, bleakest depths of the human spirit. And it’s time we brought it out from the shadows.
June 01, 2015
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[Wayne’s] subtlety works and he comes off not only incredibly creepy and heavy breathing sexual but an effective cipher and just terrifying (he’s different than Lorre) who allows Losey’s spectacular supporting cast — Martin Gabel, Luther Adler, Norman Lloyd, Raymond Burr and Jim Backus — to work off and perhaps even through him by going larger (Luther Adler is especially strong here).
August 29, 2014
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Less geometric trap than floating crap game, filtered through pale sunlight rather than engulfing shadows, this is as much a document about Los Angeles in the McCarthy years as Lang’s film was a snapshot of Weimar Berlin. It builds to a remarkable search of the Bradbury Building’s echoing, zigzagging innards, with Wayne dragged from a room full of disembodied mannequins to an impromptu tribunal in a cavernous garage.
February 10, 2014
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