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Yönetmen Yolande Zauberman
Fransa, 2018


Olağanüstü derecede güzel bir sesi olan aktör Menahem Lang, doğup büyüdüğü yere, Ortodoks Yahudiliğin başkenti olan Bnei Brak’a geri döner. Ve bir suç mahalline gider. Dini bütün aile büyükleri tarafından çocukluğu boyunca tecavüze uğradığı yere…


Yolande Zauberman’ın belgeseli kişisel bir olayı su yüzüne çıkaran cesur bir araştırma. Bir adamın yürek burkan travması ve geçmişiyle yüzleşmesi üzerine derince işlenmiş bir hikaye olan film, şaşırtıcı şekilde aynı topluluk içinde yeni kurbanlara rastlıyor. Sarsıcı bir ifşa. Kayıtsız kalmak zor.

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Zauberman strikes a deft balance here, delivering a formally inventive film which is angry but empathetic, and which leaves the viewer with a sense that recovery from even the most appalling trauma is possible.
August 15, 2018
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  • Wim Groenewoud's rating of the film M

    Wonderful documentary, a world which is so distant for so many Jews, and a reality which needs to be disclosed. Lives shattered, not sufficient help from within, a few exceptions, and the need for some to talk it out with each other to soften the suffering. Thanks!

  • Beatrice's rating of the film M

    Harrowingly beautiful, it cuts deep and heals at the same time. Zauberman is never obtrusive and yet manages to reveal every nuance, gracefully and compassionately.

  • caddie's rating of the film M

    A perfect documentary: visually poetic and artistic -- based on a long research -- -- questioning an important, almost neglected or unknown societal issue -- the director's presence doesn't dominate yet it helps to tell the story -- director finds an ethnographic-psychological way to getting into heroes' hearts -- a film that still sticks to your guts 1/2 a month later.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film M

    A documentary with its heart in the right place. Benefiting immensely from an extremely charismatic Menahem Lang (smile, voice, piercing eyes, integrity of character, sophistication, willingness to forgive), it navigates beautifully among the streets of the Bnei Brak's Judaist community, demonstrating with loving compassion the prejudices and the 'habitus', as it were, of the young Judaists in their approach to sex.

  • Salman Farisi Prasad's rating of the film M

    A thought-provoking documentary about an actor who tries to confront his rapist when he was a child and tries to get recognition from his religious community. This is a very deep personal documentary, questioning what is lacking or wrong in a situation. It's one of the well-searched documentaries and a film where psychology and experience are tested as well.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film M

    3.5 The shots are poorly lit and framed, but the cinematography ends up complementing the secretive, terrible revelations. The astounding commonality of child rape within communities that pride themselves on religious and moral superiority is deplorable. So many layers of hypocrisy at work. The Kafka quote at the end is perfect, as is the song in the beginning about the rabbi teaching the small children their ABCs.

  • Mitch's rating of the film M

    It's shambolic and rambling, but it's an honest look at a man working through his sexual abuse issues as a child. He goes back to his ultra-orthodox hometown, tries to confront one of his rapists, meets other victims and reformed abusers before finally confronting and reconciling with his brothers and parents. Giving this a star rating or a like does this an injustice because enjoyment isn't the point here.

  • lou.'s rating of the film M

    This docu is something. It's really, really interesting – and I'm so bummed to be dead tired these days I can barely keep my eyes opened.