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Ben ve Sen

Io e te

Italya, 2012


Lorenzo, 14, is a quirky loner. He plans to fulfill his teenage dream of happiness by hiding out in his apartment building’s cellar. To escape his parents, Lorenzo will tell them that he is going away to ski camp. But an unexpected visit from his worldly, older half-sister Olivia changes everything.

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Ben ve Sen Yönetmen Bernardo Bertolucci
Bertolucci is indeed a master, and “Me and You” evidences numerous thematic connections to his earlier work as well as constant proof of his distinctive gifts as a stylist. While it may not have the transformative originality of “The Conformist” and “Last Tango in Paris” or the epic scale of “1900” and “The Last Emperor,” its pleasures are sufficient to fully reward the attentions of Bertolucci admirers—and perhaps even draw some new fans.
July 04, 2014
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First things first: Bernardo Bertolucci’s latest, Io e Te (Me and You), is, for all its loveliness, a slight film — a bit of a surprise for a director known for making sweeping works about history, politics, and sexuality… But Bertolucci wears the lightness well. The director’s first Italian-language film in three decades, Me and You has the reflection and patience of age, and the fleet-footed energy of youth.
July 03, 2014
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Me And You is palpably frail cinema, its every movement heavy with its director’s strain and the reluctance of a kid shuffling off to do his chores. And yet it’s also compellingly clear that the movie has restored Bertolucci’s strength, just as it’s easy to see why this particular story was able to reach into the depths and rescue a titan of Italian cinema from his darkness.
July 02, 2014
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