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Murder Melody

Mordets Melodi

Yönetmen Bodil Ipsen
Danimarka, 1944
Drama, Suç


The dark tale revolves around a sexually ambiguous serial killer whose crimes are committed to a French cabaret song, and the police suspect a chanteuse who sings the same tune during her performances.

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Murder Melody Yönetmen Bodil Ipsen

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It’s a charming, attractively filmed novelty, and Ipsen produces several imaginative flourishes, such as the flashback/vision of hypnotic eyes haunting the heroine when she spots her husband’s image in a scrapbook. The eyes fade up as if illuminated from behind, then snap out of sight as she flips the book shut. That kind of expressionistic effect really does suggest a groping towards noir.
February 04, 2016
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  • josé neves's rating of the film Murder Melody

    The most extraordinary of this unexpected noir coming from Denmark is that while he kills his victims, the killer sings imitating the voice of the film's false guilty, ie, he personifies from inside something that Hitchcock's Norman Bates would make as a factor from outward signs: a personality's transvestism, that De Palma would make seminal. That and an astonishing mastery of light and shadows in certain sequences.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Murder Melody

    Highly engaging noir that plays up the expressionist motif of hypnosis. Ipsen shoots this with elegance (the opening scene in the second hand shop is quintessential noir) and offers a superb twist on sexuality with respect to the serial killer. Whilst it is rather basic in terms of plot unfolding and, inspite the fine domestic life vignette, the police department is only sketchily adumbrated, it's an absorbing film.

  • Dada Kubin's rating of the film Murder Melody

    A gorgeous film noir from Denmark. It’s as stylish, atmospheric and bleak as any of its American or French counterparts (the true Scandinavian speciality is the constant boozing and problematisation of alcohol consume). Although the culprit is obvious from quite early on, “Mordets Melodi” plays with the viewer’s expectations and beliefs (perhaps even making fun of them), thus managing to keep up the suspense.

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