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My Joy

Sčasťje mojo

Yönetmen Sergei Loznitsa
Ukrayna, Almanya, 2010


The tale of truck driver Georgy. Georgy leaves his home town with a load of goods, but he is forced to take a wrong turning on the motorway, and finds himself in the middle of nowhere.

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My Joy Yönetmen Sergei Loznitsa

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It’s easy to read the [final] scene as a kind of symbolic purgative revenge against Russian power. But the sequence and the film ends more enigmatically—it’s not a simple act of aggression against an outside oppressor, but one that is directed just as intensely and self-destructively inward. There is no catharsis in My Joy. There is no victory. Indeed, as the recent events in the Ukraine show, post-Communist independence is a liberty that only goes so far.
March 24, 2014
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