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New Rose Hotel

Yönetmen Abel Ferrara
ABD, 1998
Bilimkurgu, Gerilim, Drama


Working for two of the world’s largest corporations, Fox and X are plotting to set the two companies against each other to make a small fortune. In order to pull off their scheme, Fox and X employ Sandii, a young Italian girl from Japan, to seduce the head of one company and convince him to defect.

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New Rose Hotel Yönetmen Abel Ferrara

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The movie is imperfect in its strangeness; its vague, indirect minimalism can be hypnotic or off-putting. But these are the kind of imperfections that make a point. The metaphor of art and sex work always seems less tired in Ferrara’s hands, in part because his films tend to portray art as something that is both intimate and exploitative and because he never seems to begrudge his characters for either paying or being paid for sex and skin.
April 25, 2017
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