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Hua lI shang ban zou

Yönetmen Johnnie To
Çin, Çin Hong Kong ÖYB, 2015
Komedi, Müzikal, Romantik
  • Kantonca
  • Ingilizce, Fransizca


Following Lehman Brothers’ collapse, billion-dollar company Jones & Sunn is going public. Feared and respected CEO Miss Chang is promised a wealth of shares by Chairman Ho Chung-ping—her lover for 20 years—but when an audit exposes layers of covert power plays, his promises may not be easy to keep.


Johnnie To’s glimmering, genre-bending masterpiece is a collaboration with the great Sylvia Chang, who co-stars and adapted her stage musical. A wicked intertwining of romance and capitalism, it features Chow Yun-fat and gorgeously artificial production design by Wong Kar-wai favorite William Chang.

Office Yönetmen Johnnie To
With careful angles, To clarifies the set not as a threadbare evocation, but an impossible object, a two-dimensional space made into an Escherian puzzle from a different perspective.
September 18, 2015
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At once sharp and exceedingly playful, “Office” registers as up to the minute because of China’s economic turmoil. Its smashing look gives visible form to the idea of China as an enormous machine.
September 17, 2015
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William Chang has collaborated brilliantly with Wong Kar Wai from As Time Goes By through The Grandmaster, but Office is something else: more conceptual and artificial, a grid of glassed-in neon-lit boxes that seem to fan out from the spokes of a giant clock planted in the middle of the Jones & Sunn offices. Not only does the clock dominate their headspace through the deadlines that bear down upon them, but it overwhelms them physically, reaching all the way into their homes.
September 14, 2015
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