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  1. Sơn Phước's rating of the film On the Rocks

    If Coppola try to be funny withou Bill Murray, she'll get 3 stars.

  2. Carlo Capalbo's rating of the film On the Rocks

  3. arlinda's rating of the film On the Rocks

    If this is my excuse for lingering over the many moods and emotions reflected on Bill Murray's seemingly immovable, pockmarked face, I'll gladly take it. It is a subtle pleasure, one in a string of many we savor from the intimacies Sofia Coppola lets us in on here. Contrast this with the alienation her characters struggle with. Despite the "Sixteen-Candles"-like ending, relationships feel most fragile here.

  4. Fernando Figueroa's rating of the film On the Rocks

    S.O.S, calling Dr. Strange. Once again Sofía finds in Murray the unbeatable tandem, and even more so when recently the director of Virgins Suicides acknowledged that she decided to do something light thinking of her father. Unfortunately, Murray is more than half-charming in On the rocks, as opposed to, say, Lost in translation (2003) where the altarpiece was delightfully balanced. Here, the theme is light and with b

  5. thelastronaut's rating of the film On the Rocks

    Not good. Not bad. Just okay. Kind of plain really. Not much of a plot that we haven't seen before, but Coppola has proven that she doesn't need much plot to make a movie of depth. I think of "Somewhere" which really has no plot and yet I can still remember how empty the sunshine felt in that movie, and yet how the connection between those two touched on the best of humanity. Murray is charming but it's not enough.

  6. BB's rating of the film On the Rocks

    I was kind of disappointed by this film given how much I love Sofia Coppola but it isn't so bad.

  7. B.'s rating of the film On the Rocks

    "You have your own adventure." Coppola still creates gorgeous images, and makes luxurious ennui seem somewhat enviable & exciting. However, this didn't add, or even repeat anything interesting about the relationship between father-daughter, wife-husband, woman-man. Also, oddly sexist in the passing of a woman from father to husband via watches. As most Coppola's films, this would've been better as a short. Watchable.

  8. Cyril Schreiber's rating of the film On the Rocks

  9. Carlos Pinto's rating of the film On the Rocks

    Sofia Coppola returns to father/daughter relationship in a midlife crisis movie. Bill Murray kills it again in an uber cool character.

  10. Masoud Einabadi's rating of the film On the Rocks

  11. Pablo Fidanza's rating of the film On the Rocks

    ¡La última de Sofia Coppola! Amo sus películas pero en este caso el resultado es mediocre, lejos de Lost in Translation, Las Vírgenes Suicidas o María Antonieta. Si bien el film es entretenido, está lleno de clichés y es previsible. Por el tipo de comicidad y su ambientación neoyorquina parece una mala película de Woody Allen. Como consuelo, ¡siempre es un placer ver a Bill Murray en pantalla!

  12. L.'s rating of the film On the Rocks

    Forse non la migliore tra le opere di Sofia Coppola che ci ha abituati ad una "leggerezza corposa", profonda, capace di toccare con delicatezza corde importanti e a farle risuonare e che qui invece si rarefà, disperdendosi, diventando qualcosa di slegato e sottoritmo. Non basta Bill Murray per sollevarne le sorti.

  13. Lucas Granero's rating of the film On the Rocks

    Should not surprise anyone at this point but Murray's poker face can save any movie. Not a great effort by Sofia Coppola but if she learned something from all these years it's to know how to give a good use to that Murray power and in this particular one that's the only thing that works. Great editing from his usual collaborator Sarah Flack, who should get more recognition for give to all her films a smooth rhythm.

  14. ronny's rating of the film On the Rocks

    enjoyable, simple movie.

  15. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film On the Rocks

  16. maris's rating of the film On the Rocks

    o drama tem seus altos e baixos, os melhores momentos são os entre o Bill Murray e a Rashida Jones; o assunto que move a trama é um tanto quanto problemáticos. Masssss, os filmes da Coppola são muitos mais que assuntos, eles são sobre sentimentos, sentimentos esses que perpassam todas as pessoas. Nesse caso, o relacionamento conturbado entre pai e filha.

  17. Ariel Finch's rating of the film On the Rocks

    the rich carefree daddy pedestal of every SC film. i looooved the teardrop in the martini but tbh this reads as wife wanting to hold hate and heartbreak as a more valid reason to exit than dislike and boredom

  18. DenoResandono's rating of the film On the Rocks

    The turning point; when Laura & her father traveled to Mexico, showed that it tore down Laura's expectation more than audience's. I think we can relate to her. We are full of skepticism at some point in our life. That moment of truth finally makes her aware that the world isn't just about her. It's time for her to become a fun person again, just like her father's wish & to start her own adventures to this absurd life

  19. Giulia's rating of the film On the Rocks

    Do not expect this movie to be life-changing or memorable. It’s a light, pleasurable account of 21st century (millennial) relationship paranoia, plus autobiographical father-daughter dynamics. Without Bill Murray it wouldn’t have been so nice.

  20. Nur's rating of the film On the Rocks

  21. Lauren Burrell's rating of the film On the Rocks

  22. Ulrich JARLØV's rating of the film On the Rocks

    Sofia Coppola keeps stumbling - she has been for 15 years now, ever since her wonderful and sure-footed first 3 movies.

  23. Francisco Leitão's rating of the film On the Rocks

    Rashida Jones doesn't feel alienated by the modern world enough (unlike Johansson in LiTranslation) - and not that it's Rashida's fault - for the film to be about more than rich people's boredom. Boring. Bill Murray barely saves it

  24. Dysan Aufar's rating of the film On the Rocks

    Sofia Coppola's Apple TV+ exclusive On the Rocks gave me something to cheer on after a very packed day. If u think it will have the same intricacy as Lost in Translation, it doesn't. But it does wonder if you're simply looking for something light to watch and chill.