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One Day

Egy nap

Yönetmen Zsófia Szilágyi
Macaristan, 2018


Anna is 40. She is always in a rush. She has three children, a husband, a job and financial stress. Anna meets deadlines, makes promises, takes care of things, brings stuff home and remembers everything. But she never catches up with her husband. She feels she is losing him.

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One Day Yönetmen Zsófia Szilágyi

Ödüller & Festivaller

Cannes Film Festival

2018 | 1 ödül: FIPRESCI Prize

European Film Awards

2018 | 1 dalda aday: Prix Fipresci (European Discovery)


2018 | New Auteurs

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It’s a confidently and naturalistically helmed feature debut by Zsófia Szilágyi (a former student of and assistant to Academy Award nominee Ildiko Enyedi) delivered in a precisely detailed, unhurried, hyper-real way.
May 21, 2018
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It’s a stunning and brutal examination of the type of labour that usually takes place behind the scenes: the emotional and domestic ‘work’ of motherhood; the tasks that Anna ceaselessly performs to keep the machine of the house running. The hells move in cycles (of lice).
May 11, 2018
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