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Yeni Arjantin Sineması
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Yönetmen Laura Citarella
Arjantin, 2011
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Yeni Arjantin Sineması


Genç bir kadın Ostende’de, Buenos Aires’e yakın yazlık yerde bir otelde, dört günlük tatil kazanır. Ölü sezondur ve yeri tek başına tutar—erkek arkadaşı birkaç gün sonra ona katılacak, bilinmeyen hikayelerle dolu bu plaja, ilgi çekici bu mikro kozmosa müdahale edecektir.


20’inci yüzyılın başından beri tatilcilerin varış durağı olan Ostende hem lezzetli bir gözlemsel komedi hem de alt tonda minimalistik Hitchcock’vari bir dedektif hikayesi. Laura Citarella’nın çıkış filminin yapımcılığını Yeni Arjantin Sineması’ndan Mariano Llinás yapmış.

Ostende Yönetmen Laura Citarella

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  • PFL's rating of the film Ostende

    "Ostende" is a quietly engrossing thriller which reminded me as much of Haneke in places as of Hitchcock. The film is anchored by a brilliant central performance from Laura Paredes and in showing the unfolding of events exclusively through her protagonist's eyes, director Citarella maintains a sense of mystery that is not even entirely lifted at the end of the movie's memorable final scene.

  • FilmEdie's rating of the film Ostende

    Gah! Moguillansky’s editing is so fun it distracts me from every movie he’s edited. Precociously expressive, like there’s some literal synthesthetic language he’s got some sort of access to; flow itself. The film, as directed by Citarella, stays pretty safely in postmodernism’s shallow end, with its conceptual basis not nearly flushed out enough to support the feature length run-time. Still, not bad. 2.75

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Ostende

    3.5 Deși există o mulțime de parți pretențioase și neîndemînatice în "Ostende," și elemente interesante ca sunet neliniștitor din off-screen și atmosferă sinistră care face sânge a noastră înghețat. Mai ales, ultima secvență este atît temerar și înspăimîntator încît sunt îngrozit pînă în măduva oaselor // この"Ostende"には思わせぶりで拙い部分も多いが、オフスクリーンからの不愉快な音響や背筋を凍らせる不穏なムードなど興味深い要素もある。特に、大胆で不気味なラストには骨の髄までゾっとさせられた。

  • pesach slabosky's rating of the film Ostende

    This film suffers from a syndrome that afflicts a lot of indy pictures. It's essentially a twenty-minute student film that's been inflated to 80 minutes.

  • Michael Rozek's rating of the film Ostende

    Perhaps a perfect film, with an equally perfect lead performance. Shows that films don't have to be "about"... anything--but, can just "be." Like life. Should have been the model for hundreds of far inferior films made in the last ten years, in its meticulous staying of course and microscopic attention to detail. Stunning in its resonant aftermath...

  • Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Ostende

    Written and directed by Laura Citarella, this stars Laura Paredes enjoying the prize of some free off-peak holiday time at a hotel. Noticing the activities of others in the hotel, she starts to create a scenario in her mind. Entirely fictional? Or does it have some core of truth? Part laze in the sun, part Antonioni-esque look at passive witnesses to something that may or may not be dangerous. A little cracker.

  • Psoz's rating of the film Ostende

    This movie totally misses the foundation of storytelling: conflict. To call this Hitchcockian is ridiculous. Hitchcock is the one who said "Drama is life with the dull bits cut out". This movie is life in all its dullness.

  • forksclovetofu's rating of the film Ostende

    For most of this subtly clever movie, we are trapped in the perspective of our lead character, forced to be second-hand voyeurs. Citarella playfully drops hints: a 'Suspicious Minds' ringtone, an engrossingly pointless film pitch, gauzy goings on in the background... perhaps we too are enmeshed in a natural human desire to seek narrative in the mundane? The punchline is far from conclusive but bracingly satisfying.