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79 Puanlama


Almanya, ABD, 1998
Suç, Gerilim


After being released from prison on a bum charge, Harry Barber is out for some payback to regain the two years he has lost. He is hired by Mrs. Malroux to fake the kidnapping of her stepdaughter (the daughter of a dying millionaire). He discovers soon that he is being set up on multiple levels

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Palmetto Yönetmen Volker Schlöndorff

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Palmetto’s ace in the hole is Harrelson, still a hot commodity in the wake of The People Vs. Larry Flynt. Harrelson nails the swaggering charisma and sweaty-palmed desperation of his fall-guy protagonist—a one-time man of principle whose turn to crime stems as much from disillusionment as from pure greed. “If you can’t beat the crooks, join them,” the film cynically suggests. That’s a vintage noir philosophy if ever there was one.
April 22, 2013
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