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Yönetmen John Ford
ABD, 1933


A widow struggling to maintain her farm is troubled by her son, who yearns to escape from the daily toil by either enlisting in the army or marrying his sweetheart. When he defies his mother and declares his love, she separates them by enlisting him and having him sent to fight in World War I.

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Pilgrimage Yönetmen John Ford

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The torn portrait pieced together, the emotional gaze directed straight into the camera (cp. Dreyer’s Prästänkan), an entire screen full of Fordian graves—the absurdity of heroism and the maternal bond that strangulates, absolutely piercing visions from a director somehow remembered as a well of patriotism and sentimentality.
June 29, 2015
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[After the first act,] the film then starts to function on a good many registers at once: as a devastating critique of war propaganda, as a satire about yahoo Americans or “innocents abroad” (a theme popularized by Mark Twain in his first best seller), as a complex character study that steadily grows in impact, and as a kind of parable about moral redemption in which the mother finally comes to terms with her own responsibility for her son’s death.
December 01, 2007
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