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Yönetmen Bob Clark
ABD, Kanada, 1982


Set in 1954, a group of Florida high schoolers seek out to help a buddy lose his virginity, which leads them to seek revenge on a sleazy nightclub owner and his redneck sheriff brother for harassing them.

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Porky's Yönetmen Bob Clark

Ödüller ve Festivaller

Genie Awards

1983 | 1 ödül: Golden Reel Award

1983 | 1 dalda aday: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Eleştirmen yorumları

Laughter accompanies most of the movie’s pranks, many of which are at the girls’ expense. For a comedy, that tends to be lousy filmmaking. It means the movie is hoping its laughter is contagious. The boys laugh at one another and, later, at Porky himself. But women tend to be the object of the most uproarious laughing.
October 04, 2018
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