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Ricki and the Flash

Yönetmen Jonathan Demme
ABD, 2015


An aging rock star tries to connect with her estranged kids.

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Ricki and the Flash Yönetmen Jonathan Demme
it struck me as a late-period masterpiece, combining the classic Demme virtues of compassion for its characters and attention to their smallest gestures with a new reflection and reserve. Demme’s work had often been rightly described as “youthful.” Here then was a film that felt like the work of an aging artist, in the best possible way. It was beautiful and lively, but also curiously haunting.
April 28, 2017
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The watchword in all films of this type is realism—usually injected through live sound recording (rather than miming) of performances. But Ricki and the Flash plays things just a little too safe. One longs for a single event, character or mood switch which is truly different or extreme—like Jennifer Jason Leigh’s agonizingly extended performance of Van Morrison’s “Take Me Back” in Georgia, or the near-incestuous current of intense family feeling in Light of Day.
October 03, 2015
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Music wins at the climax, which is why it’s so touching. (Music is all that Ricki has.) Even before that, however, the film is surprisingly wise and non-judgmental.
September 15, 2015
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