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  1. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Scarlet street may not be as ambitious as other Lang projects, following a known Noir narrative. But what he does to maintain the craft and drama on how the narrative unfolds is a master class. He sets up the male lead with smaller touches, like not noticing how the rain has stopped in the first sequence, to portray an innocence and skewed view of the world. Lang does this just enough that the viewer is cued in.

  2. Nick Marsh's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

  3. adamjaymorris's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    I'd initially given this three stars, but then woke up the next day and realized how wild this script is. Aside from that, Joan Bennett smolders throughout the whole reel. Very fun to watch.

  4. Steve G.'s rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    And yet other directors still keep making films, what's that about.

  5. Quattro's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    The plot is basically straightforward but still fun to follow, thanks to some good twists. And thanks to the many spoilers in the ratings below, that made it so thrilling to wait for things to happen. Characters are the major issue of the picture: they're not much more than stereotypes, and didn't age well. Impressive performance by Robinson though, he alone makes half of the movie. Great, classy direction by Lang.

  6. Anna Keefe's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Scarlet Street: a tale of deception, infatuation and greed. Chris Cross, the main character, is unexpectedly captivating. Kitty, the object of his affection, and her antics were as enticing to an audience as they were for Chris. Her lover, Johnny, played well against Kittys character. They were an odd pairing but it worked well in giving the film comic relief when needed. Scarlet Street keeps an audience on its toes.

  7. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    The moralizing here is trite. Even if you get away with murder, you don't. Because guilt will get you. Evidently he hasn't seen 'Crimes and Misdemeanors', or 'La Chienne'. Same story. Lang used 3 of the same actors from 'The Woman in the Window' from the previous year, and gave them slightly different roles. They all had great chemistry, but Joan Bennett gets slapped around in both. Why? Because you have to, I guess.

  8. James's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Edward G. Robinson's repressed performance and Fritz Lang's outstanding direction of the interiors in which the story plays out make this a true classic.

  9. Mitchell Glidden's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

  10. ohankyul's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Beautifully lit and carefully composed shots that makes you appreciative of black-and-white films once again...One of the things that makes this film so entertaining to watch is the villainous characters, because albeit being played theatrically, each character is unapologetically human, something we rarely see in today's Hollywood films.

  11. Janus Arts's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

  12. Myles's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    A perfect New York noir starring Edward G. Throbbincock under the direction of the master of composed creepery, Fritzieboy Lang.

  13. ermete polpette's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

  14. Enriico Fermii's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    When the needle on the record in his mind in the soundtrack starts to skip, oh my . . . done so subtly that the effect was heartbreaking.

  15. Blueangel33's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Classic femme fatale noir. Lots of shadowy contrast, some nice shots and frankly annoying yet expected misogyny. With of watch if this genre is your thing.

  16. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    The last 20 minutes of this were some of the best noir moments put to screen. Scarlet Street gives you one of the most devilish femmes ever and a finale that proves there are worse fates than jail or death. You can feel the outcome coming but it doesn't make the downfall any softer to handle. Lang is a genius.

  17. Loz Loory's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    4.5 Hard to watch Robinson as a man who's played for a fool; he does a great job acting against his usual type. Super stuff about gender roles (masculine/feminine, active/passive)--from the apron he wears to wash dishes, to the "masculine energy" of her painting. Robinson is emasculated by everyone, until he takes action by killing. Guilty conscience argument appears too late in film. Idea should appear earlier.

  18. FISCHER's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Plaisant remake de ,"La chienne" de Jean Renoir, agrémenté de nombreux éléments psychanalytiques. Une indéniable réussite de Fritz Lang et une interprétation remarquable d'Edward G. Robinson souvent époustouflant...

  19. Steve73's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    "Don't paint her Chris!" A classic with one hell of a ending. Joan Bennett is gorgeous as usual; Edward G. Robinson playing against type which is refreshing to see, and the oily Dan Duryea causing problems for three's company. Also, check out Fritz Lang's earlier film, The Woman In The Window, staring the same actors and involving of all things, a painting!

  20. william's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    An excellent and surprising film noir. Great lead performances and unpredictable twists, as well as some ideas that will live with you long after the film ends. A great Mubi find.

  21. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Possibly the best of Lang's post-war films, it has a heart of darkness that fits the auteur's gloomy exterior. What starts as a tale of grifters conning a schlubby artist wannabee becomes a meditation on immorality that makes no easy judgments on the characters' tragically bad decisions. While film noir legend Robinson shines as always, Dan Duryea provides wiseguy comic relief that was his personal trademark.

  22. Sasha's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    Classic film noir with all the bubbly banter and dark plot twists you'd expect from the genre.

  23. Maruko Shinpei's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi

    混乱することもなく追いやすいストーリーでした。 最後の方で、キティの泣いているのではなく笑っているのくだりで、クリスの事を散々罵るのですが、クリス同様のおっさんである自分のハートも傷つきました。 It's filled with Heat-breaking moments for me as Chris received, who is not far from my age...

  24. Sanki Balamuc's rating of the film Scarlet Caddesi