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  1. The Sharlotte's rating of the film Selfie

  2. dgen_cote's rating of the film Selfie

    Sensible, beau, touchant.

  3. Andrea Greco's rating of the film Selfie

    ★★★★★ See it, by hook or by crook

  4. CAMERACCIO's rating of the film Selfie

  5. Helob's rating of the film Selfie

  6. Linda Wittgenstein's rating of the film Selfie

  7. Saikat Banerjee's rating of the film Selfie

    The Friendship At Its Best. Making A Film With Selfies Is Very Hard To Do But This Film Proves To Be The Exceptional. This Real Life Story Is Tragedic & Saddening Of Two Best Friends, Specially When You Read About David Bifolco & Tommaso Bifolco In The End Of The The Film. RIP Brothers.

  8. Nadien's rating of the film Selfie

    A film built with the material collected by some cameramen-informants. Giving the means for others to film their own lives is nothing new; neither is editing these lives and producing a competition film. There is a lot of beauty and worrying issues in the images that Al and Pietro record: problems, hopes, emotions. But i´m rating Agostino´s film: for me it is an easy documentary with an easy way of fieldwork.

  9. Matthew Kershaw's rating of the film Selfie

    Showing the audition stage allowed us to see the different directions this film could have taken, and the thousands of stories that could have been told. But it was clear why the 'director' chose the two that he did; they were articulate and wise beyond their years. There was tragedy and humour in equal measure, and the boys had some interesting perspectives on life.

  10. João Victor's rating of the film Selfie

    A most important look at why social critique matters in a personal context, and how shockingly absurd stories become naturalised and disregarded as minor stains in a structure of inequalities, of vivid imbalance of power.

  11. between7skies's rating of the film Selfie

    A gaze from the ground up and from inside. A poignant anthropological document, as it is a raw piece of art. No director could have brought us close to the reality of these youth, as these two friends born in communities where gang violence seems to be an inescapable fate.

  12. Rafael's rating of the film Selfie

  13. Jeff Gay's rating of the film Selfie

    A wonderful film about the Traiano district of Naples. Two best friends are admirably devoted to being good, in the home of gangs and drug dealers. Impressively, some of improvised shots, the selfies, have better composition than most big budget pictures! Such a great idea, you really get into their world. Also the occasional use of surveillance footage allows for a breather from constant selfie action

  14. HenriqueA's rating of the film Selfie

    This shouldn't work. A film made with selfie videos, generic score, and dubious choices in the editing shouldn't be this fucking good. But it is. Because of the director's trust in his subjects and because a friendship like Pietro and Alessandro's is something to behold. This affected me more than I could anticipate and now all I can think is how the hell are they during the Covid-19 crisis. Be safe, guys.

  15. Francisca's rating of the film Selfie

  16. Søren's rating of the film Selfie

    Salutaire moment d'humanité.

  17. OmarLittle's rating of the film Selfie

    A study on self-reflection and companionship that makes use of the selfie, the portrait frame so stigmatized by the bulk of bourgeois aesthetes, in order to form a narrative. And it really succeeds in it: even the most trivial moments are pervaded by the poetry surrounding the lives of those with a sorrowful, predetermined outcome, due to an unfair share of forms of capital. Its seeming banality underscores tragedy.

  18. Basti / Buzz-T's rating of the film Selfie

    ... eine der authentischsten Dokus der letzten Jahre, die ich kenne, ...über das Leben & die Sorgen zweier Jugendlicher in Neapel! Einzigartig mit Handys gefilmt! ... Top! Film.Meister Buzz-T.

  19. Mehdi's rating of the film Selfie

    Monté avec justesse et poésie, Selfie nous emmène dans le quotidien d'Alessandro et Pietro. Deux adolescents au grand coeur vivant dans un quartier gangrené par le trafic et la précarité.

  20. Allan Rosendo's rating of the film Selfie

    Cuando el vecindario en el que se nace y crece es violento, lo más seguro es que esa cualidad se adapte de alguna manera a la vida cotidiana de la persona, que resulte natural ver armas, familiarizarse con el crimen, llorar muertos. Si esto es cierto, entonces emergen las preguntas de qué tanto las personas que habitan esos espacios son víctimas o promotores de la situación existe y si pueden hacer algo al respecto.

  21. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Selfie

  22. Gabi Pires's rating of the film Selfie

    Um excelente trabalho de etnografia urbana na qual os jovens se tornam narradores do lugar e de si mesmos.

  23. 1765132graciasantacreu's rating of the film Selfie

    Heel aandoenlijk. Deze manier van filmen zorgt ervoor dat je je makkelijk kan identificeren met de mensen. Dat het heel dicht bij henzelf blijft en dat ze baas zijn van hun eigen verhaal maakt het zeer ontroerend.

  24. reginayung's rating of the film Selfie

    Maravillosa. Me gusta pensar que en cada ciudad, dentro de la miseria; hay un Pietro, lleno de sueños, y un Alessa que se preocupa por dar a conocer la poesía de Giacomo Leopardi.

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