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Be Pretty and Shut Up!

Sois belle et tais-toi!

Yönetmen Delphine Seyrig
Fransa, 1976


In 1976, Delphine Seyrig asked 24 French and US actresses about their professional experiences as women, their roles and their relationships with directors. A sobering assessment of an industry that only awards parts based on clichés and stereotypes.

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Be Pretty and Shut Up! Yönetmen Delphine Seyrig

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As these women express their anger and frustration, their regrets and their hopes, they are, finally, appearing in a movie in which they reveal the depth and the originality of their own character.
January 26, 2018
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  • dionysus67's rating of the film Be Pretty and Shut Up!

    Although a grainy series of 'talking heads', Seyrig's documentary takes up De Beauvoir's writings and pursues the thread via the experiences shared by major actresses in an androcentric film industry. From limited upward mobility in direction and women's emancipation from gender stereotypes to ecofeminism, the candid and sombre testimonials balance bitterness, resilience, aporia, cogency, hope on top of great talent!

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