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Symphony in Blood Red

Come Una Crisalide

Yönetmen Luigi Pastore
Italya, 2010
Gerilim, Korku


During a psychoanalytic session, a psychologist suggests her patient to go into a specialized clinic, but her suggestion unleashes the mysterious fellow’s latent madness. Abandon is the key factor to understanding his delirium, which will drive him to take up killing once more.

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Symphony in Blood Red Yönetmen Luigi Pastore

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  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film Symphony in Blood Red

    **1/2. Quoting Dario Argento during the initial credits, asking Claudio Simonetti (ex-Goblin) to compose the musical score and even appear in ' Come una crisalide', director Luigi Pastore is not afraid to reveal the sources of his inspiration. Now, for a first effort, Pastore delivers a professional giallo which doesn't revolutionize the genre but is nonetheless worthy to be seen if you like this kind of production.

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