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  1. Corentine's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    A very sensitive creation. The clever articulation of different individual stories and destinies crossing roads within this gigantic city makes us understand the impact of the current situation in Iran on individuals in a very concrete and empathetic way.

  2. thelastronaut's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    The animation helps soften the sharp edges of the plot, which might be too dark for a live-action adaptation. It also allowed this movie to be made in the first place because it could never be filmed in Iran.

  3. Felix Lambert's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    When laws and institution are always against you, despite the screaming truth lying under them, what is there left to construct on? A poignant film, based on intertwined anecdotes that let us believe Soozandeh had heard some stories himself, since they are too realistic and peculiar to be invented.

  4. Arif Eren's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    We do not know anything about Persia. This movie can be a good beginning to learn something about the unknown and unpredictable life in Persia.

  5. igiinthesky's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

  6. meho7knicks's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Formellement original et abouti, ce film d'animation exploite remarquablement l'aspect choral de son scénario. Les personnages sont touchants, les thèmes abordés sont forts et le script, dense, ne connait aucun temps mort. Une réussite !

  7. Oufdefilms's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Ce film me rappelle que toutes les sociétés ont encore du développement à faire contre tout ce qui est laid , dans une société autoritaire et tyrannique, et qui empêchent de vivre librement. Des scènes , comme les capotes d'eau jetées sur la tête des gens comme des bombes, ou le ballon lancé dans le rosier comme on détruit la beauté du monde et la scène finale, le vol de l'oiseau, envol sur la liberté et dignité,

  8. easypz's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    A decent 1st feature, more or less the expected. I don't need flawless inspiration, but do prefer a unique perspective. The insight is routine, w/out the surprise & often delight found in, say, Jafar Panahi, who covers similar ground. The more overt the social forces, the more singular an artist's response has to be or the work will be "earnest but predictable" (& more vulnerable to attack).

  9. Luis Enrique's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    A horrible shit. Another attempt to demonize a country that they have no idea what it is like, using "native" people. An adaptation to the interests of countries frantically seeking to overthrow governments that hinder their neocolonial interests and praised by wildly ignorant people of the iranian culture and Islam. This only fosters Islamophobia in countries where Christian fundamentalism dominates and kills wildly

  10. 11_i's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    A masterpiece. The animation adds the right amount of anonymity to the shocking happenings unfolding in the movie. Featuring a remarkable character development and a universally humane spirit, this is a movie trying not to violently point you towards grievances but gently translates them into your vision through what feels like authentic stories. It's a film about freedom, not cultural denouncement.

  11. Lennert's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Interview in German:

  12. katya's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    A very beautiful animated movie <3

  13. Kamran S. Sehgal's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    I suppose the reason that this film was animated is that you couldn't possibly film such a film in Iran nowadays. A rather singular look at contemporary Iranian life that doesn't give the viewer much to really think as much as to follow the director's view.

  14. Thomas's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Great movie depicting the barbaric oppression of women, homosexuals or anybody else not deemed living up to Islamic principles. I also enjoyed the rotoscope animation technique. Full solidarity with the Iranian Green Party, all the other refugees who made it out and the ones who don't have the opportunity to go. May the Rule of the Ayatollahs not last for much longer.

  15. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Film d'animation formidable et drôlement subversif

  16. Raik's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Impressive animations for a very dark depressive story. This quite excellent film will have a long lasting effect.

  17. Elahe Isazadeh's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

  18. Sepehr Talebi's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

  19. thebaus's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

  20. misu's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

  21. juliana braka's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    from the first minute to the last, this film takes you on a wild ride. rlly brings to light how rules & regulations can suffocate someone.

  22. Elijah T.'s rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    While the animation makes this more visually appealing it also makes the characters more relatable (since their racial/ethnic features become less pronounced) and therefore easier to empathize with. All four main characters have their own situations the deal with in their own way and somehow they all end up meeting one another at the strangest of uncountable crossroads. Dark in a lovely way. Beautiful end scene.

  23. Alexandra Zuckerman's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Tehran Taboo is a powerful movie that gives insight and understanding of the complicated society of Iran. The beautifully drawn animation gives depth and feeling to the story that traditional film could not. The animation is complicated in its drawing with the washed-out colors that add so much depth to the story. Each character in the movie is complicated and beautifully developed. I highly recommend this movie.

  24. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Tehran Taboo

    Living in this patriarchal society becomes more and more annoying as the film goes on. The hypocrisy just goes through the roof. Such a marked difference between public and private behavior.

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