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Puanlamalar ve Yorumlar

  1. raggiodisole's rating of the film Tetro

    Playing true to critical line of thought, I see flashes of the old Maestro, and visually this was a mildly arresting display, but above all this was a poor, meandering story that was a poor, meandering version of other, better Coppola stories

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Tetro

    Great performances from Vincent Gallo, Alden Ehrenreich, and Maribel Verdú make this slow-burn drama, with many moments veering very close to noir in tone, a mesmerising and intriguing watch. Writer-director Francis Ford Coppola delivers one of his better films in recent years, and it's a shame that very few people seemed to take notice of it.

  3. pbouchard77's rating of the film Tetro

    Without avoiding certain operatic clichés, Coppola goes full wind and tackles this story with a brilliant mise-en-image.

  4. Macna's rating of the film Tetro

    The choice of black and white for this film seems perverse; it is set in the vibrant, colourful city of Buenos Aires, which is drained of life. The whole father/son thing is melodramatic and overplayed, and the story never engages; it kind of limps along. It has Carmen Maura but it is no Almodóvar. Could have been good, but is just aimless and disappointing.

  5. terrycreagh7's rating of the film Tetro

    The best of Coppola's later films. An emotional and inventive tale of the relationship between two brothers and their past. Gallo, Ehrenreich and Verdú are all outstanding.

  6. John Grech's rating of the film Tetro

    Bringing with him skills garnered in a long career, Coppola has become more interesting as time goes by. He focuses sharply in his later works and displays a deep understanding of the human condition with all its foibles. And to be honest, evidence suggests that the foibles of humans far outweigh the shine of youth. Tetro is a classic work of cinema in an age filled with razzle dazzle, sparkle&hype for the new.

  7. Chris Stott's rating of the film Tetro

    A fine return to form for the great director. The many elements of beauty include the monochrome cinematography, the moody score and the sublime dance sequences. Perhaps the family saga plot is a bit overloaded, and the grand operatic festival/funeral finale jars with the previous subtler tones, but it remains a wonderful watch.

  8. _Stephanie_'s rating of the film Tetro

    Undoubtedly gripping and beautiful to look at, but that ending?! Awful. You have to admire Vincent Gallo for giving it his all though.

  9. Mike Dempsey's rating of the film Tetro

    An extraordinary film from a Master Director. Intriguing cinematography and staging. Fantastic acting and a great twist near the end. Keeps your mind working throughout!

  10. Amal's rating of the film Tetro

    It has its artistic moments, the contrast between black and white and colours is well thought and well proportioned, the significance of which frames the timeline between present and past. The use of lights and flashbacks is good and some of the scenes are cinematographically artistic, at time pretentious. However, it is way too slow and the narrative is weak and predictable, it drags at times. Not Coppola's best.

  11. Ronin's rating of the film Tetro

    FFC deeply in the groove! What a masterful, late-career outlier! Beautiful conception, direction, acting and cinematography!

  12. Cependant's rating of the film Tetro

    Découper ses costumes Armani pour se venger des chansons qu'il chante à toutes les autres.

  13. TUK's rating of the film Tetro

    Du grand Coppola, si Kubrick était encore de ce monde il en serait jaloux. Rien n'est laissé au hasard, la photo le casting la mise en scène... Merci.

  14. Pimousse's rating of the film Tetro

    Quelque chose de romanesque dans ce film, qui, au-delà du noir et blanc, rappelle les films des années 50. On y ressent une certaine solidité littéraire, à travers l'incarnation par les acteurs de personnages dont l'histoire semble toute tracée sous nos yeux dès le départ. Ce ressenti superposé à l'intrigue forme une mise en abyme, ce qui donne à un récit simple une armure élaborée.

  15. Ulysse's rating of the film Tetro

    La famille et Coppola ! L’image est absolument sublime, les plans extrêmement travaillés, souvent fixes, véritables tableaux d’une composition magistrale. La caméra, souvent oblique, notamment dans les plans d’escaliers, induit un désaxement du regard et fascine littéralement le spectateur. Il donne toute sa force au noir et blanc d’une densité impressionnante. Un final opératique des passions tragiques...

  16. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Tetro

    Later Coppola is less focused. Gallo is mostly just annoying, but Alden is very good. So a mixed bag.

  17. Tom Rubendall's rating of the film Tetro

  18. Nicole's rating of the film Tetro

    Nice to revisit this. thoughts during: was that Vincent gallo's actual handwriting in that letter? "I hate the word nice, especially the word "nice". yep, that sounds like vinnie.

  19. Isaiah Ransom's rating of the film Tetro

    A broken brotherly bond that get's reconstructed by way of a long-abandoned play. Bennie, the younger brother, is the star of the show and gives us great insight into how his relationship with his brother used to be like. Tetro himself is a shell of what he once was though-out a lot of the film and it takes the play to also re-connect with himself.

  20. Gantz Ables's rating of the film Tetro

    Much of Coppola's oeuvre just doesn't speak to me, but this does.

  21. Colin Jones's rating of the film Tetro

    Sometimes really good acting, cool theatrical or maybe old style of movie, worth finishing but has lulls

  22. ogoblogian's rating of the film Tetro

    Coppola has been going soft in the head since the '70s...he should probably have stuck to making mediocre wine instead of such horrid films.

  23. Nick Gaetano's rating of the film Tetro

    totally odd story_ Vincent Gallo is annoying from the start _i really like Alden and Maribel they both seem alive_there are moments that are really wonderful like the beautiful sexy actress in the mini-play a delight_ Gallo does his best to drag the whole thing down into a sea of depression

  24. malachiesipucheala94's rating of the film Tetro

    gallo hablando espanol es w a n d e r l u s t