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The Expedition to the End of the World

Ekspeditionen til verdens ende

Yönetmen Daniel Dencik
Danimarka, Isveç, 2013


A massive three-masted schooner with an unusual scientific crew on board sets out for the majestic fjords of northeastern Greenland. Will the participants of the expedition discover any new animal species? Will they encounter a polar bear face-to-face?

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The Expedition to the End of the World Yönetmen Daniel Dencik
The movie reveals some of the most stunning landscape cinematography imaginable, while everyone on the isolated ship waxes philosophical — as who would not? …It is slow, talky, but full of insight, and not as depressing as one might fear. “There’s a lot of hope in a brutal landscape like this,” says a scientist toward the end.
August 21, 2014
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The Expedition To The End Of The World courses with the zeal of Robert Flaherty, the fearlessness of Werner Herzog, and the fatalistic humor of Lars Von Trier. While individual moments echo with a familiarly mordant sense of alpha-male adventure, together they cohere into something wild and new.
August 19, 2014
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The film is essentially an evolved hybrid of global environmental documentary and the group-trip experiments of reality television. Its biggest step onto unfamiliar terrain might be its ambivalent ending, conveying uncertainty about what can or should be done next.
August 19, 2014
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