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  1. Erica Narduzzi's rating of the film Dövüsçü

  2. Enrico Benarivo's rating of the film Dövüsçü

  3. Eilidh's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Watched it again after forgetting I'd actually seen it before. Not usually a fan of boxing films but the acting in this is great, especially from Bale. Very interesting look into white trash America, with some neat comedic moments. Shame a lot of the events are fictionalised in favour of a rather cliché plot.

  4. 'king Harold's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Boxing...again, Bales gurning, grandstanding screen hogging performance render the thing unwatchable on its own, but when you add the lazy direction cliched cinematography and dreadful script,the pretentious mix of non actors, patronising attitude to the working class etc to a script so cliched the acting of the supporting cast was doomed from the beginning I lost the will to live, classic new Hollywood crap.

  5. alvin leong's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    You usually expect something quirky with David O Russell films, some unexpected jerk on the shift stick, a twist in the genre game. Here is a straight, conventional sports film, totally without irony (did he really direct this?) and the strengths of it are in performance,powerful music and focussed pacing,with great casting (family background, even Christian Bale,reigned -in . Wow). And Wahlberg lets others shine.

  6. Simon's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Inspiring and based on true story!

  7. Inteleter's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    The acting is great and the fight scenes are quite well done. Despite that I felt the screenplay was weak and I didn't care for Wahlberg or the story and as a result there were times when I did lose interest in the film.

  8. Dan and Val Freeman's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Another great ripping yarn from David O'Russell ... a film that never stops moving around the ring. Christian Bale and Amy Adams shine with brave and vulnerable performances.

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Based on a true story, this David O. Russell movie may work with material that will feel very familiar to anyone who has ever seen a sports underdog movie before, with the added family drama helping to bulk it out to almost two hours, but it's eminently watchable, and features great performances from Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo, and Amy Adams.

  10. Shawnmubi's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    The performances in this film were top draw. You know when a film was good when it makes you go off and read up more on the story after watching it.

  11. NicoIlGermanico's rating of the film Dövüsçü

  12. richardm2311's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Christian Bale gives one of his finest performances in a career full of excellent work. I've never been a fan of David O. Russell, having found Silver Linings overrated, and American Hustle disastrous, among others, but the cinematography, storytelling, and deft mix of character study and sincere human comedy in the face of tragedy tell an effective story. Wahlberg isn't bad either. This is the Russell people laud.

  13. DanielSpeight's rating of the film Dövüsçü

  14. Sin título.'s rating of the film Dövüsçü

  15. Philippe P. Marchetti's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    David O Russel best film. I am big fan of Micky Ward so I loved it but I think that even if you don't know boxing you'll like it. Great Family Drama.

  16. Vincent T's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    I watched like 10 mins on a flight back home.

  17. dordairobert's rating of the film Dövüsçü

  18. MistaRichard's rating of the film Dövüsçü

  19. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    The first two acts are fun and silly David O'Russell. Then it becomes very standard boxing stuff, which is really boring.

  20. gld48's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Two stars for Christian Bale here.

  21. Isaac Blaine Suttle's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    A exceptionally acted family drama.

  22. Ryan Swen's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    A strange mish-mash of the grotesque and a fantastically subdued, earnest comeback story.

  23. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    The beginning of a great run of films by David O' Russell. There is a real emphasis on character and then entire family is well drawn and interesting. Bale is great and Amy Adam's clashes with the sisters are comedy gold.

  24. auloel's rating of the film Dövüsçü

    Thanks for Christian Bale for saving this film

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