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The Killers

Yönetmen Don Siegel
ABD, 1964
Gerilim, Suç


Ernest Hemingway’s gripping short story The Killers has fascinated readers and filmmakers for generations. In 1964, Don Siegel — initially slated to direct the 1946 version — took it on, creating the first-ever made-for-TV feature.

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The Killers Yönetmen Don Siegel
As in Hemingway’s story, the killers are a couple of cutups; Gulager and Marvin bring a weird and wicked sense of humor to the hit men’s dirty work. Siegel’s terse, seething, and stylish direction glows with the blank radiance of sheet metal in sunlight; the movie’s bright primary colors and glossy luxuries are imbued with menace, and its luminous delights convey a terrifyingly cold world view.
August 25, 2017
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The cast is first-rate. Thanks to Marvin’s sleek, snub-nosed menace and the edgy thrill-seeking projected by Dickinson’s classy moll, the movie exudes a cynical Rat Pack cool. The jazz singer Nancy Wilson, who has a musical sequence looking like Ms. Dickinson’s sister by another mother, adds to the ring-a-ding flavor. Cassavetes’s jangling, immoderate intensity is markedly uncool, although one of his seduction lines — “You’re a nut, we’re both nuts!” — might have been written for Frank Sinatra.
July 30, 2015
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That’s the best, funniest touch to this newer Killers: the idea of a couple of rent-a-hoods investigating a murder they themselves committed. It’s a sly, anti-authoritarian deviation from the Siodmak film… [But] Siegel’s film goes to sleep at the same place that Siodmak’s does, because the victim at the heart of these narratives isn’t interesting; both narratives lose something when their killers recede from the limelight.
July 08, 2015
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