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The Last Family

Ostatnia rodzina

Polonya, 2016
Drama, Komedi


Based on the true story of surrealist painter Zdzisław Beksiński and his eccentric family – a group of peculiar personalities.

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The Last Family Yönetmen Jan P. Matuszyński
Plunking in one of Tomasz’s destructive physical outbursts just after a warmly paced sequence of Zofia tidying up the apartment seems gratuitous. But the foreboding restraint of the technique, along with the evenhandedness of the narrative attention, makes for an overall gripping combination. The movie sticks in the mind not as a full-on, time-honored biopic but as a queasily warts-and-all peeling back of a family dynamic that happened to involve a figure of cultish renown.
January 26, 2018
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The director, Jan P. Matuszynski, mixes simulated home-video footage with stealthily virtuosic long-take scenes, including a remarkable one depicting an airplane excursion with Tomasz. The tragedies in this family’s life are nearly constant, but Mr. Matuszynski approaches them with a tone that’s matter-of-fact while also partaking in the particular wry irony that has been a hallmark of Polish cinema since the early 1960s.
January 25, 2018
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Matuszyński manages an incredibly difficult task – to portray depression and indifference with the sombre style that captures, but doesn’t judge or acquit. Thus, the fact that The Last Family was announced as the winner of the New Europe – New Names competition is neither surprising, nor undeserved.
June 22, 2017
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