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The Mirror

Зеркало | Zerkalo

Yönetmen Andrei Tarkovsky
Sovyetler Birligi, 1975
Avangart, Drama, Tarih


40’lı yaşlarında ölmek üzere olan bir adam çocukluğunu, annesini, savaşı, kişisel ve Sovyet tarihinin önemli anlarını sıralayarak gündelik yaşamla birlikte anlatıyor.

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The Mirror Yönetmen Andrei Tarkovsky
Mirror’s shifts into and out of color, and sepia tones which seem to provide bestilling “blankets” upon which their imagery rests, as a whole create a radically distinct base for representation, not unlike using unorthodox grounding materials for an oil painting.
December 28, 2018
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If Mirror is a dying dream, that final reel before someone shuts off the projector, it can only be an artist’s—winter scenes from Brueghel gain life and movement, and the guilt of knowing that our parents, if it weren’t for us, could have had very different lives, acquires a near-unbearable weight. How does one respond to a sacrifice? One can only live with it—or not.
November 18, 2015
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[With this film, there’s a sense that] one has been given privileged insight not only into Tarkovsky the man but Tarkovsky the artist; for Mirror is not only the most autobiographical of all his works, it is also the film that most succinctly recapitulates the filmmaker’s aesthetic: his belief that cinema is, first and foremost, a medium of time, a medium that allows both artist and viewer to come to terms with the force of time and its role in the constitution of subjectivity.
March 23, 2014
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