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The Reckless Moment

Yönetmen Max Ophüls
ABD, 1949
Kara Film


After discovering the dead body of Bea Harper’s lover, Bea’s mother Lucia hides the body under the assumption that it was her daughter who killed the man.

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The Reckless Moment Yönetmen Max Ophüls
Ophüls’ preference for fluid camerawork, lensed here by Burnett Guffey in a fair approximation of what we’d later see with the invention of the Steadicam, adds an elegant, vibrant energy to the film. Each scene is a complete thought, not a rush from plot point to plot point.
January 18, 2019
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In Max Ophüls’ The Reckless Moment (1949), time marks the compass of a thriller, while space gives architecture to a melodrama. But time and space, thriller and melodrama, do not advance independently, or in parallel: rather, it is the perfect imbrication of both these dimensions and genres that constitutes the film’s nucleus.
June 27, 2017
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Despite the viewing circumstances [watching The Reckless Moment on a laptop], or perhaps precisely because of them, because of my actually being able to hold the movie in my hands and the changing and expanding exterior imagery outside my window, Ophuls’ last American film opened up to me in a way it hadn’t before and in turn revealed itself to be an object hermetically sealed. Not just a story, but a "histoire.
June 01, 2013
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