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The Shape of Night

Yoru no henrin

Yönetmen Noboru Nakamura
Japonya, 1964


Miyuki Kuwano plays a young woman pushed into prostitution by her violent yakuza boyfriend.

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The Shape of Night Yönetmen Noboru Nakamura

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The film makes characteristically Japanese use of bold widescreen compositions, disjointed close-ups, and mixed voice-overs from her and the men in her life. In retrospect, everything we’ve seen has been seen in other movies, but Nakamura’s handling kept me continually gripped and often surprised.
April 15, 2014
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This year’s focus was on the director Noboru Nakamura, a solid industry craftsman whose 1964 response to the Japanese New Wave, The Shape of Night, was a revelation. Gorgeous cinematography by Touichirou Narushima (Double Suicide, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence) illuminates the story of a prostitute in a film that’s a lyrical, nearly Wong Kar Wai–like counterpart to ardent work by Oshima or Imamura from the same period.
January 10, 2014
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What sets it aside as one of the most poignant films about prostitution is its imaginative conception of her world. The camera angles and movements, the colour scheme and editing all work brilliantly to illustrate her constant sacrifice and lead us to emotionally internalise the gaudy city as a dazzling parade that always leads her back to her situation. Stylistically the film anticipates the Wong Kar-wai of In the Mood for Love and echoes Douglas Sirk at his most stirring.
September 04, 2013
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