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The Strangers

Yönetmen Myoung So-hee
Güney Kore, 2018


The director visits her hometown Chuncheon after four years. Her nightmare, which seemed to end when she left Chuncheon, has been repeated every year during her stay in Seoul. In Chuncheon, where she arrives exhausted, her mother still lives very hard and consistently.

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The Strangers Yönetmen Myoung So-hee

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  • Aaken's rating of the film The Strangers

    It doesn't seem or feel like much in the beginning. The voice-over is a tad monotonous and the images aren't that compelling. But slowly, as the layers are delicately peeled off one by one, the depth and tragedy behind the normality strikes us and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. A very interesting experience.