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The Unholy Three

Yönetmen Tod Browning
ABD, 1925
Suç, Drama, Romantik


Three sideshow performers leave their lives of captivity and become “The Unholy Three.” Echo the ventriloquist assumes the role of a kindly old grandmother who runs a bird shop. Tweedledee, the “twenty inch man,” becomes her grandbaby, and Hercules is their assistant.

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The Unholy Three Yönetmen Tod Browning

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As with the best melodramas, THE UNHOLY THREE approaches its conflicts with absolute seriousness and cannot recognize the possibility of any other position. Like Buñuel, Browning tosses off the darkest perversions as if they were unremarkable, suggesting a deceptively familiar world positioned upon an obscure moral fulcrum.
July 12, 2013
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A sustained close-up of Busch struggling to stay hardboiled during a rush of tears points to Browning’s apprenticeship with Griffith, the toddling psychopath with cigar might be a model for Little Caesar. The uneasy harmony of voice and body at the close is prime Chaney melancholia, the artist whole before his audience yet alone with his dummy: “That’s all there is to life, folks—a little laugh, a little tear…”
January 01, 2010
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