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Meçhul Kiz

La fille inconnue

Belçika, Fransa, 2016
Drama, Suç, Gizem


Jenny, a talented doctor, refuses to open the door of her practice to a mysterious late-night caller. The next morning, she learns it was a girl who has been found dead, and the police have no way of identifying her. Guilt-stricken by the news, Jenny resolves to discover the name of the girl.

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Meçhul Kiz Yönetmen Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
These tight-knit filmmakers have run the risk, like many contemporary auteurs reliant on the festival and arthouse circuit, of making their style and subject into a rigid template that gets exactly repeated every time … or else their ‘signature’ will be neither recognised nor honoured. Where the disappointing Two Days, One Night showed the brothers in a trough – if not on a treadmill – The Unknown Girl re-finds their inspiration, in a firm meshing of narrative moves with ethical questions.
December 22, 2017
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What’s surprising about the movie isn’t at all its overall contour, which, in its clearest description, sounds like a near-stereotype of independent, low-budget, social-issue dramas. Rather, what lends the movie its vast scope and its deep resonance is the exquisite and tragic psychological insight on which it runs and the brilliant simplicity with which the Dardenne brothers realize it.
September 09, 2017
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The main character has been deemed an unconvincing and unmotivated detective. In fact, like all of the Dardennes’ most compelling heroes… Haenel’s Dr. Jenny is first and foremost an object of physicalfascination, conventions be damned. Bodies “react before they speak,” the directors told me—a fitting description of their film style, generally, and of The Unknown Girl, specifically.
September 06, 2017
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