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The World's End

Yönetmen Edgar Wright
Birlesik Krallik, ABD, 2013
Komedi, Bilimkurgu


Five friends who reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier unwittingly become humankind’s only hope for survival.

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The World's End Yönetmen Edgar Wright

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Indiewire Critics' Poll

2013 | 2 dalda aday: Best Ensemble

American Comedy Awards

2014 | 3 dalda aday: Best Comedy Actor - Film

Empire Awards

2014 | 1 ödül: Best British Film

2014 | 2 dalda aday: Best Comedy

Wright’s themes gel magnificently with his cartoonish milieus, so much that each seemingly incongruous element is contextualized in a new light. To be fair, Wright isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel here—the zombie films of George Romero are as much social satire as they are gory thrillers—but the energy and formal creativity on display renders even the most familiar material new again.
August 28, 2013
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It’s impressive how Wright, who is nearly peerless as director of camera and character movement, stages the fights so that no actor can get away with looking good. The men actually have to swing and hit and slam people over their knees. The science fiction hook is both hokey and preachy, but in getting to its punch line Wright and Pegg have conceived one of the most heartless depictions of alcoholic narcissism.
August 23, 2013
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…The sci-fi elements—which were hinted at in trailers, but which I’ll write around in this review and maybe revisit later in a spoiler-warning-bedecked blog post—are audaciously funny and inventively designed, and they’re always tied to the film’s concerns. Nothing, no matter how extravagant or surreal, is superfluous.
August 23, 2013
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  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The World's End

    It's fitting that a film about a character failing to grow-up & let go of past glories is modeled so brazenly on the same structure& concept as the filmmakers' earlier success Shaun of the Dead. For what it's worth I like “World's End" a lot more, perhaps because there's an element of self-critique. The character dynamics are more interesting & Wright's abilities as a director of action sequences continue to develop.

  • Mugino's rating of the film The World's End

    There are times when I think trailers and reviews are antithetical to one's enjoyment of cinema and this is one of them. I went in a blank slate and mourn the fact I can never experience it like that again. Wright and Pegg's gleeful nihilism is richly delightful, like a grenade stuffed in a Black Forest gateau.

  • T. J. Mesen's rating of the film The World's End

    Not the best, but definitely the most heartfelt from Wright's Cornetto Trilogy. Once more demonstrating his knack for generic traits, action, and comedy, yet behind all the fun there is a serious treatment of both nostalgia and alcoholism. Culminating with Gary King's breakdown at the World's End pub, with the film rightly giving more importance to his personal melancholy than the upcoming worldwide tragedy.

  • Matthew Martens's rating of the film The World's End

    Their formula gets thinner and thinner -- or the beer gets smaller and smaller, I guess -- but the boys still know how to pour it on. Or something. The point is that we're all agreeably punch-drunk by the end. As a critique of creeping, ostensibly anodyne techno-tyranny, well, it isn't D.H. Lawrence, but it's a serviceable excuse for the usual shenanigans. There could be worse influences on the rest of the galaxy.

  • HenriqueA's rating of the film The World's End

    the third best one (there is no worst one). It does not work really well as a parody/homage, but it works pretty good as a standalone alien invasion film with it's fair share of comedy and drama. It is actually way more adult than I would've thought and I quite enjoyed that.

  • Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film The World's End

    Confirms my inkling that Edgar Wright might be the best comic filmmaker of his generation. The density of setups and payoffs, the manic outpouring of visual ideas (which never interferes with clarity), the clever use of genre tropes as expressionistic representations of his characters' emotional states, and the sly satire are all here in force. That said, when you've seen one exploding head, you've seen them all.

  • Harry Rossi's rating of the film The World's End

    A wonderful way to end the trilogy. I actually thought aspects of this film were pretty emotional and of course it's just absolutely hilarious. Not the best of the trilogy, but then again they are all pretty fantastic. The humor started off light and kept building and building, which I love when comedies do. The content about living in the past is very smart. As a whole, I loved it.

  • Joe Hackman's rating of the film The World's End

    Easily the weakest in the trilogy, The World's End is slow to start (the first half hour leaves a lot to be desired) and the ending is incredibly stupid. The cast is good, though, and the characters are well-rounded. I was a little disappointed in The Film's End, but I'd be lying if I said that the middle portion wasn't very entertaining.

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