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444 Puanlama

Yaralı Melek

Раненый ангел | Ranenyy Angel

Yönetmen Emir Baigazin
Almanya, Fransa, 2016
  • Kazakça
  • Ingilizce, Fransizca


Four loosely connected stories set in a small town in Kazakhstan at the beginning of the 90s, a time of upheaval and transition from the Soviet era to a new state, portray teenagers who must go through painful changes as they attempt to find their way in life.


The second film from Emir Baigazin (Harmony Lessons) on growing up in Kazakhstan, The Wounded Angel shares the same cinematographer as Holy Motors, Yves Cape. As visually stunning as it is uncompromising, this study of adolescence charts a country that is not for young men.

Yaralı Melek Yönetmen Emir Baigazin

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