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Yönetmen Wim Wenders
Bati Almanya, ABD, 1985


German director Wim Wenders travels to Japan to explore the world of one his “masters” in cinema, Japanese celebrated film director Yasujiro Ozu. Sequences of Wenders’ view of Japan alternates with encounters and interviews with crew and cast-members of Ozu’s films.

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Tokyo-Ga Yönetmen Wim Wenders
TOKYO-GA is interesting enough as a travelogue, but it’s also one of the finest examples of a filmmaker using the medium to honor the work of another.
October 30, 2015
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Compared with Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil (1982), another outsider’s take on Japan, this feels lightweight, but it contains some hypnotic passages and Wenders’s narration provides plenty to chew on.
October 29, 2015
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The picture meditates not so much on Ozu the filmmaker than on Ozu the vanishing feeling, motifs and images reconsidered in a modernized Japan circa 1983.
November 27, 2004
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