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Twentieth Century

Yönetmen Howard Hawks
ABD, 1934
Komedi, Romantik


After finding her working as a department store salesclerk, flamboyant Broadway impresario Oscar Jaffe makes Lily Garland a star. The two fall deeply in love, only to have their temperamental and demanding personalities eventually drive them apart.

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Twentieth Century Yönetmen Howard Hawks

Critics reviews

One sees so much of what distinguished Hawks’ consummate refinement, in his comedic work and elsewhere (see 1946’s The Big Sleep or 1959’s Rio Bravo for two especially evident dramatic parallels). There is not only a masterful balancing of pace and tenor, particularly with the frenetic interactions that come to the brink of unchecked mayhem, but there is also a vigilant staging of characters, even when crammed in settings of overheated emotions and physical constriction.
February 20, 2018
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Far from making TWENTIETH CENTURY a relic, however, this quality of being out of time makes its every rediscovery a pleasure: viewing it lets us breathe an air more foreign and surprising than HIS GIRL’s, which has, by so becoming so definitively the “face” of sophisticated screwball, turned invisible, entered into our language. TWENTIETH’s popeyed frenzy is clear and brittle by comparison.
October 27, 2017
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