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White Epilepsy

Fransa, 2012


Where do images come from? From where, then? Maybe from the depths behind our eyes, ungraspable visions, night in suspension, promise of the end of an eclipse, between dream and nightmare.

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White Epilepsy Yönetmen Philippe Grandrieux

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It’s difficult to make out the people’s faces or their entire limbs; nonetheless, the film communicates a palpable sense of anguished desire. The ambient soundtrack—no less evocative than that of UN LAC—goes a long way in establishing the mood, the natural-world noises conjuring up environments (and states of being) at once familiar and mysterious.
May 13, 2016
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In White Epilepsy an extreme slowing down of the image is combined with the intense amplification of different sounds: heaving breath, rustling trees, animal cries in the night and the trampling of grass. Grandrieux’s use of the vertical frame, sound and slowness is unnerving.
December 16, 2015
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