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You and Me

Yönetmen Fritz Lang
ABD, 1938
Suç, Romantik


An altruistic department-store owner hires ex-convicts in order to give them a second chance at life. Unfortunately, one of the convicts he hires recruits two of his fellow ex-convicts in a plan to rob the store.

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You and Me Yönetmen Fritz Lang

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As a parolee love story, this is frustrating… On the few occasions when You and Me becomes a Kurt Weill musical, however, it’s astonishing. An opening anthem mocks department store consumerism; a sprechgesang torch song echoes “Pirate Jenny.” These numbers slip into the movie, and suddenly you’re watching something strange and didactic and sublime.
February 09, 2017
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The very subject of the film is the hidden slip, the one false move, the crossing of the line that puts a person of talent on the other side—and the absolute and tragic otherness to which the inflexibility of that line condemns those who cross it…. Lang includes what is doubtless the best gefilte-fish scene ever filmed. It’s a sequence that gets to the very essence of the subject; “gefilte” is Yiddish for “stuffed,” and the movie answers the age-old question: Stuffed into what?
September 02, 2015
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The movie is beyond charming, it’s enchanting, all romance and Damon Runyon quips, mixed with left-leaning social realism that goes down easy in part because it’s sung. Oh, Fritz’s preoccupations are there, all right—double lives, pitiless authority, the tyranny of material needs, the criminal underworld—but the touch is light, despite the shadows on screen.
March 03, 2012
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