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Yourself and Yours

Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot

Yönetmen Hong Sang-soo
Güney Kore, 2016


Painter Youngsoo hears secondhand that his girlfriend, Minjung, has recently had (many) drinks with an unknown man. This leads to a quarrel that seems to end their relationship. The next day, he sets out in search of her, at the same time that Minjung has a series of encounters with strange men.

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Yourself and Yours Yönetmen Hong Sang-soo
Hong Sang-soo’s latest considers post-breakup misery and the role-playing, (necessarily?) amnesiac aspect of initiating romantic relationships, here heightened for deliriously comic effect. Yourself and Yours concludes on an ambiguously optimistic note, that might best be interpreted broadly as a reminder to – as Tony Soprano once put it – focus on the good times.
October 15, 2016
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As his most structurally radical film yet, it’s bracingly disorienting and feels like a crucial new evolution in Hong’s work. And it features one of his most characteristically telling lines about perpetually disappointing men: “I’ve never met a truly impressive man.” True! This is my favorite TIFF film seen on the ground.
September 15, 2016
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An inspired reversal of Luis Buñuel’s “That Obscure Object of Desire,” which had two different actresses playing the same woman, the film casts one actress playing multiple versions of herself — or so it would seem. Following last year’s exceptionally ambitious (and just plain exceptional) “Right Now, Wrong Then,” the film reps a confident return to the low-key pleasures of Hong’s recent work, graced by a swooning romantic spirit.
September 14, 2016
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