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Spotlight on a Murderer

Pleins feux sur l'assassin

Yönetmen Georges Franju
Fransa, 1961
Drama, Gizem
  • Fransizca
  • Ingilizce


When he learns his days are numbered old count Hervé de Kéraudren decides to hide in a secret alcove and to die there, just to annoy his heirs. As a result of his body not being found the latter will have to wait for five years until they can inherit the count’s money.


The fame of auteur Georges Franju popularly rests mainly on the haunting Eyes without a Face, yet his filmography is full of such films as this one: thrilling, lyrical, and with a conceptual audacity unafraid of silliness. Starring Jean-Louis Trintignant and written by the team behind Vertigo.

Spotlight on a Murderer Yönetmen Georges Franju Şimdi izle
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