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On Jordan C Wellin's Wall

Reasons for everything man! The only reason I don't have Godard or Andersson or really sick filmmakers is because I am not familiar enough with the majority of their work. Seeing The Happening fail as a kid is the reason I wanted to become a filmmaker, and as a kid I thought the village and the sixth sense were so revolutionary with their twists. It's kind of like me vouching for Cage because of Adaptation and Bad Lieutenant haha
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    Jordan C Wellin


    Ah, I see. Well get on that, man. But I gotta tell you I think The Village is absolutely one of the most abhorrent films ever made.

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    Taylor Kyles


    If you get a chance, here is a a short blip I made about a homeless poet in Atlanta: I have a couple of other montages and narratives on there, which are hopefully helping me flesh out the need to control an entire project. I worked as just DP on a project Saturday, and I feel that it is going to be a lot more fulfilling. Will keep you updated if you wish!